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Who We are

Polo Star Putty is a white cement based fine powder use on concrete/mortar (internal / external) and ceiling. We are engaged in manufacturing and marketing of wallputty with different flavours based on standard formulation of the contents for fine putty and coarse putty products.

It's filled the pores of concrete/mortar wall/ceiling and provide white smooth and dry surface. Polo Star wall putty has more adhesive strength. Durability and enhances the life of paints.

Features of Polo Star Wall Putty

  1. Applied on both interior/exterior surface.
  2. Polo Star wall putty not required any curing.
  3. It prevent from algae and fungi on wall.
  4. Any kind of paint/distemper can be applied on it.
  5. It a cementations material it has better adhesiveness and durability.
  6. No need to apply any kind of primer before application of paint/distemper.

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